Want some tunes ?

What tunes ?

My favorites of course. Some of them exists on music scores or tablatures, others come from minidisc session recordings, commercial records, friends, or trying to remember a tune in a session or a concert, and making an arrangement to it while back home. When it's possible I put a link with a fiddle or flute version on some music site. Whenever I remember the source for a tune, I mention it.

The most difficult thing I had to master was selfteaching a way to play jigs on the banjo. I'm planning in my web banjo project to include a page covering 6/8 playing on clawhammer banjo, extending to playing blues riffs and scales as they have a lot in common. There's only one way to get a good timing at jigs : practice.

About those tunes

McBride’s, a tune I first heard on a record by legendary group Moving Hearts with Christy Moore as a leader back in the 80's. Also heard in Dranouter Festival by amazing family group from Canada "Leahy". I also include the fiddle part in standard notation and [abc]. Best view with [pdf]

Cuckold come out the amrey is a not well-known northumbrian tune. You can hear it on a record by Pauline Cato on small pipes and more recently on the album of Liza Carthy and King of Callicot. A written arrangement can be found in the Northumbrian pipers' tunebook.

Untitled Fling You can hear it played on a record by Eugene O'Donnell, Mick Moloney and Seamus Eagan "Three way Street". Best view with [pdf]

The Kesh jig is a session's favorite everywhere,, and you can have many different arrangements for every melody instrument anywhere on the web, either in .gif or abc format. Playing on the banjo it may seems tricky, but when you have mastered the [iti] or [ihi] or [ipi] right hand fingering, it becomes easy to play jigs in the clawhammer style.

Brian the Brave is a very old irish march, rather sad as often the irish marches are - not to be played "triumphal". Best view with [pdf]

Lord McDonald’s Reel [pdf]

La Grande Chaîne is a canadian tune that I heard some times ago in Belgium played by Pauline Cato and Tom McConville on Northumbrian pipe, that tiny and delicate bagpipe from the north border of England.

The Untitled Reel is the title given to this reel by Altan

The Cliff Hornpipe also known as "Virginia Hornpipe" of which it is a cousin, a not so common tune certainly more played in America than on that side of the ocean. I worked it out in clawhammer to fit my own style from the playing of Jazzgrass banjoist Pat Cloud published long time ago in Banjo Newsletter.

The McMahon's Reel James MacMahon, a flute player from Rosslea Co. Fermanagh, who was in his 70's in 1973, wrote this reel and you can hear it on a record by the Boys of the Lough. Great tune with a chineese scale and incursions in E minor. Best view with [pdf]

What formats ?

Unfortunately, it doesn't exist any software as the abc notation ones - which make very small files to download and which allow to print very clean music notation on high-res printer - for tablatures on the web. Harmony Assistant and Melody Assistant seem to be one of the best choice for score, abc, tablature editing. With the Myriad Music Plug-In you can easily have your music online.

There are thousands of celtic and old time tune on the web. Look at the abc home page and also the Virtual Ceili Band a french page including the sets and tunes commonly heard in french sessions. The exchange of tunes is what keeps traditional Irish music alive, The Session website is one way of passing on jigs, reels and other dance tunes.

Presently the tablatures are available in .gif format. Simply click on the tablature and keep your finger on the mouse on the menu choose "copy this image". Paste this image in an image processor, save it under .pict or .eps, import in a page layout program or a word processor. If you want a better result from your printer, set the output size to 50%. I also have some tablature available in .pdf format opened with Adobe Reader (see below). If you wish to have a high res output, choose to download the tablature.pdf format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat 3.0 reader, a free software from Adobe.

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